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“The DP Texas Rub has been on every rib rack I’ve smoked for months. Good, good stuff. Now I’ve got to try the Hickory. It’s going to be tough to beat the Texas Rub, but I’m intrigued.”

David Dodd
“When I go home to Texas I always pick up cooking supplies to bring back to Louisiana. This time I saw the Dan Pastorini rub — it is going to be a staple now. I really bought it for brisket, but last weekend I used it on a beer can chicken and had rave reviews. I will be using it on all kinds of things now. Good to know I can order it online so I don’t have to do without if I can’t get back to Texas before I run out.”

Shawn Zapalac
“My girlfriend went out and bought the rub at Rice, used it on burgers and flank steak this past weekend for a gathering at my place and it was a hit. I am going to go on the web site and order a case and send it out to clients and friends as gifts.”

Daniel Levitt
“Black Bart and the BBQ Buccaneers – Sons O’ Beaches Cooking Team cooked for our tailgate group, Feast With The Beasts Tailgaters on Sunday for about 60+ people in horrible weather… but must say everyone was talking about the brisket with Dan Pastorini’s Texas Style Rub… tons of compliments and I can’t tell you how many ‘best brisket I’ve ever had’ compliments I received today… just great rub!!”

Bart Wallace
“Dan, got 3 bottles of your Texas Rub ‘YUMMIE’ LOL! Took some to the river for BBQ with family and friends and never told anyone what I put on it (just in case no one like it! LOL). They all want to know what I did ‘cause they loved it! Going to Lake Havasu in a couple weeks, and going to take some to Gary Kincaid and let him try it. Thanks again, Dan, for the GREAT RUB!”

Bob Brammer
“I have many rubs and seasonings in my pantry and Dan’s rub is going to replace many of them. This is one of the best rubs I have ever grilled or smoked with. Just one suggestion: offer some bulk packaging. Maybe two pound bags. It would be alot more handy for us backyard commandos and the good folk using your fine rub out on the circuit. I will be ordering much more of this rub in the future… one bottle just won’t last!!”

Scott Elliott
“Got my ‘Pastorini Rub’ and it is awesome. I was amazed at how good it was on fish! Especially MY fish! I ordered extra to share with friends that really know how to cook.”

Hildi Cabot
“Your Texas Style Rub is a champ! My family loves it on burgers, chicken, wild turkey, ribs, steaks, veggies and eggs… so far! Great stuff. We want distribution here in Minnesota ASAP so I don’t have to share mine with my kids.”

Bob Stein
“I just received Dan Pastorini’s Texas Style rub and was very impressed with the flavor and size of the bottles. I tried the rub on some grilled chicken last night and it was incredible. I like the fact that it can be used on many different foods too. I wanna thank Dan along with DP Quality Foods for taking care of me as an extremely satisfied customer. I look forward to purchasing more great rubs in the future.”

Jeff Walk
“Me (the Mom): Why don’t you boys grill some hamburgers tonight? Ryan (my 16 year-old son): But we don’t have anymore Dan Pastorini’s.”

Elizabeth Shelton Rodgers
“Great stuff Dan! We love it!”

Mis Mas Tejas Ranch
“This morning I scrambled eggs with red onion & green peppers with a bit of rub in the mixture YUMMY!”

Janet Masterson
“I got mine last week, great stuff!!!”

Sandra Lamb Treadway
“We used Dan Pastorini’s Texas Style Rub both for our competition meats and the briskets we served our guests/sponsors. Everybody raved about the taste! We were most proud of our brisket and we all honestly thought should have won. Brisket was among best ever tasted. Will be using DP’s Rub again in 3 weeks at Chisolm Trail Cookoff in Lockhart. DP is going to get us a win soon! Great stuff!!”

Bart Wallace
“Our taste buds are dancing and our lips are smacking! Gayle & I LOVE your rub!”

Susan Gertson
“Dan, I want all of your friends whether on Facebook or other Social Media Outlets that I have 2 bottles of your DAN PASTORINI’S TEXAS STYLE RUB in my Louisiana kitchen and I use it on fish, chicken, beef, pork and wild game and until they purchase it and use it, they can never imagine what they are missing. And they cannot say they didn’t see it on the grocery store shelves because that Super Quarterback Dan Pastorini is dressed out ready to throw a standout touchdown with that famous DAN PASTORINI’S TEXAS STYLE RUB. You have definitely got a winning formula, Dan. Take that from a Cajun who knows all about great cooking, Texas-style or Cajun-style my friend!”

Teddy Broussard
“I’m getting raves on everything I put it on. I’m hesitant to tell my secret. I just want them to think I’m a great cook!”

“And it’s not just for preparing BBQ, Dee and I love it on eggs, chicken, stew and many foods after it’s been cooked.”

Jeff Eubanks